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SippTech and SAK enter exclusive national installer agreement

SippTech and SAK enter exclusive national installer agreement

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SIPP Technologies LLC (SippTech) CEO/CTO Kent Weisenberg announced today an agreement with SAK Construction LLC (SAK) for exclusive installation rights of its SippSteel™ robotic lining technology. Pursuant to the agreement, SAK is the sole national installation contractor for SippTech's multidimensional, robotically installed composite pressure pipelining system.

"SippTech is honored to partner with SAK. Their knowledge, experience and innovative thinking in the pipeline rehabilitation industry offer the 'perfect storm' of opportunity for SippSteel™. SAK has been expertly delivering the most advanced, field-proven products to rehabilitate pipes globally for years," Mr. Weisenberg stated.

SippSteel™ is a novel, three-component composite lining system that entirely overcomes the limitations and inconsistencies present in prior SIPP technologies. This is made possible by utilizing a combination of specific and cooperative machine learning technologies, including computer-vision, LIDAR ultrasound, RF, Wi-Fi, gyroscope and accelerometer, to precisely navigate and apply the SippSteel™ composite inside of the pipe. The result is the installation of a structurally independent lining system with reduced construction time, minimal consumer disruption, lower costs and a small environmental footprint.

"This unique, cutting-edge technology truly has the capability to change the entire dynamic of the pressure pipe rehabilitation industry," stated Charlie Kuhnmuench, V.P. of business development for SAK. "We look forward to working together with SippTech to expand this technology throughout the United States. To date, we have not seen a trenchless rehabilitation technology possessing such efficacy and versatility for the pressure pipe industry," added Jerry Shaw, president of SAK.

Based in O'Fallon, Missouri, and with additional regional offices in Arbutus, Maryland; Sacramento, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, SAK is active across the U.S. The company solves the challenge of maintaining and restoring aging water and sanitary infrastructure for the municipal, energy and industrial markets. With industry-leading experience and a commitment to service excellence, SAK is a trusted partner helping customers worldwide renew, protect and expand their pipeline infrastructure.

SippTech is truly unique in that they are the only SIPP company globally to conceptualize, design, engineer and manufacture robotic lining systems and develop and manufacture propriety lining polymerics. The result is a synergistic collaboration providing revolutionary, reliable robotic and polymeric systems to the marketplace.

SippTech and SAK Construction Enter Into Exclusive National Installer Agreement

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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