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SAK Showcases SPR

SAK Showcases SPR

Recently, SAK held a demonstration in Macomb Township, Michigan, which attracted more than 50 participants from nearby communities, agencies, and engineering firms. The demonstration showcased the SPR Pilot project in collaboration with Macomb County, which is the first installation of SPR - spiral wound lining - in Michigan.

This project aims to rehabilitate 755 linear feet of 84-inch pipeline with a 78-inch profile of SPR, despite the project's two 42-inch lateral reinstatements and heavy flow, presenting significant challenges. SAK, which was contracted by Macomb County (MIDDD) in September/October 2022, began construction in late January, with an estimated completion date of April 2023. To quote Ron Burgundy, "This project is kind of a big deal."

The project is scheduled to be showcased at the upcoming UESI/ASCE Pipelines Conference, which is taking place in San Antonio this summer.

SAK Showcases Cutting-Edge SPR (Spiral Wound Lining)

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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