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Our continuous dedication to diversity and inclusion gives us a unique advantage that benefits our employees, clients, and communities. Efforts to foster this diversity enable us to attract and support a world-class workforce well-equipped to meet future challenges. 

We practice equitable procurement of labor, services, goods, and materials. Our team has built strong, diverse local networks to encourage and mentor minorities, women, veterans, and other business owners who want to work with us.

  • Proven record of meeting workforce diversity and community hiring goals.

  • Efforts are customized by project, scopes of work, and market.

  • Employee utilization plans customized for the local workforce and employment market.

  • Community outreach sessions for diverse subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and project partners.

  • Communicate with local diversity assistance agencies, programs, and organizations to promote opportunities.

  • Mentor and educate business owners about the bidding process.

  • Professional associations for contractors are notified about pending projects.

  • Itemized workforce diversity percentages are required from all bidders and project partners.


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